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RealCapital’s mission is to provide you with outstanding personalized service to meet your needs. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in real estate, financing, and project and building management enables us to deliver outstanding full-service real estate and financing solutions. We have a broad network of contacts that we’ve built over the course of 25 years of dynamic practice and achievement in real estate and business.

Whatever the nature of your project, we have the tools to turn it into a success.


RealCapital leverages its team members’ and partners’ knowledge and expertise using a dynamic set of practices designed to meet all of your needs.

  • Are you a commercial property owner?
  • Are you an investor looking to buy or sell properties?
  • Are you looking to finance your renovation or construction project?

Our professionals can provide you with personalized consulting services free of charge. RealCapital stands out from the large companies in our sector of activity by building personalized relationships with our clients.

Avoid paying finance consultants large sums of money for bulky reports chock-full of graphics that don’t lead to tangible results. At RealCapital, our experts are remunerated according to their performance. You pay only if we deliver what we promise.


At RealCapital, we specialize in:

  • Property brokerage
  • Development of commercial mortgage financing solutions
  • Management of construction and major renovation projects


Our brokerage and financing solutions

Our priority is to target the commercial market, that is, commercial and industrial buildings as well as residential revenue-generating properties. We focus our sales efforts on the Island of Montreal; however, we are always interested in opportunities to satisfy specific client needs in other locations.

Our search for financing is enabled by an extensive network of contacts developed by our many business partners across the industry, including key resources such as lending institutions and real estate brokerage firms.

Our targeted industry-monitoring operations allow us to generate new business opportunities with lending institutions and enhance our visibility with market intermediaries.

Our mortgage solutions

Our extensive experience in mortgage financing has allowed us to establish longstanding relationships with lending institutions, banks, and private lenders that are built on trust. We have access to competitive financing options, quick and easy approvals, and exclusive services. We provide you with assistance and support from start to finish during the acquisition process and we help you get your mortgage rapidly and effortlessly.

We carry out a great diversity of transactions, which provides us with ongoing access to potential property owners, buyers, and lenders. Our services include:

  • Purchase and sale of multi-unit residential buildings as well as commercial and industrial buildings
  • Mortgage refinancing, institutional loans, and private loans (first and second-rank)
  • Project management for new buildings, retirement homes, and daycare centres
  • Development of major renovation and construction projects

We are very active in the market and we provide our clients with unrivalled insight– always in accordance with their needs and, above all, their strategic approach. This inclusive and dynamic approach based on our extensive industry knowledge goes well beyond simple transactional processes and helps us build strong and enduring client relationships.

When they come to our office with their new project, our clients know that a vital part of the work has already been done! Our reputation of always delivering what we promise is what enables clients to put their trust in us.


Your one-stop resource!

Very few mortgage brokers provide clients with a comprehensive solution (property brokerage plus financing).

RealCapital rises above other brokers by delivering a “one-stop resource.”

To meet your specific needs, RealCapital has created a network of experts for each sector and type of asset. We have access to the Canadian mortgage market as a whole, which allows us to develop and provide comprehensive and personalized solutions. These solutions take into account your borrowing strategy and your preferences with regard to mortgage terms and conditions.

We are always on the lookout for business opportunities that are right for you.


RealCapital stands out thanks to a set of authentic values that always places clients at the center of their practice :

  • First and foremost, our philosophy is client-oriented
  • We handle all client requests and answer all your questions
  • We provide clients with support in making choices and decisions
  • We deliver personalized and diligent service: unmatched availability that enables us to respond quickly to opportunities and client priorities – at RealCapital, your call is never transferred to voice mail!
  • Our team provides professional stability and continuity to ensure that clients aren’t tossed around from one broker to another as is so often the case in the real estate sector – our agency does not seek to hire and manage as many real estate agents as possible

Along with these values, our team members are also known for their determination and commitment to professional excellence and performance. We devote a great deal of care to preparing all of our mandates to ensure they are received positively. We believe that by making our clients our top priority, we deliver the highest standard of service and ensure project success.


  • RealCapital is a member of the following professional regulatory bodies:
    • Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Quebec (OACIQ) (Quebec’s real estate brokerage authority)
    • Fédération des chambres immobilières du Quebec (FCIQ) (Quebec’s federation of real estate boards)
    • Chambre immobilière du Grand Montréal (CIGM) (Greater Montreal real estate board)
    • Mortgage Professionals Canada, Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP)