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As a team, we do everything in our power to ensure you benefit from our property and mortgage transactions. Our devoted and qualified team is able to structure just about any kind of business solution to meet your specific objectives and ensure your project’s success.


BA, MSc, Founder and President, Chartered Real Estate Broker

With more than 25 years of experience in multi-unit residential and commercial properties, Anthony Garone is a well-known property broker in Greater Montreal. His clients benefit from his wide breadth of knowledge in financing and building management as well as his extensive network of contacts.

His experience encompasses managing projects, making property investments, securing financing, and restructuring property-asset portfolios. He has successfully managed transactions of up to $50,000,000.

Anthony founded RealCapital with Suzanne Lass in 2007 and quickly transformed the company into a brokerage agency trusted by property investors.


LLB, BA, Founder and Vice-President, Chartered Real Estate Broker

As a lawyer with 15 years’ experience in commercial and property law, Suzanne Lass has acquired considerable expertise in the business world. In the past decade and a half, she has devoted her professional life to mortgage brokerage and real estate teaching and training. Suzanne has built a vast network of contacts encompassing lenders and brokers.


CPA candidate, Chartered Accountant

Joshua Bertiz is an expert in the full accounting cycle: bookkeeping, record-keeping, reconciliation, management, the Hopem accounting system, financial statements, remittance, and income declaration. Joshua manages and administers our clients’ property assets.


Property Manager and Real Estate Broker, Pascal Fiorante is a Greater Montreal real estate board permit-holder and a key member of the RealCapital team, providing key support. His knowledge in property and rental management in the multi-unit residential and commercial market is vital to our many investors.


Administrator and Property Manager, Olivier is an expert in managing diverse residential multi-unit and commercial real estate portfolios. A specialist in streamlining property management operations and restructuring property assets. His skill sets include in-depth analysis of practical and profitable management tools for small to large property owners. Olivier is essential and is a great resource to the MultiCapital team.


Business Development Assistant

Aba has a wealth of knowledge in multi-unit residential and commercial properties. His experience also includes sales and marketing to ensure that our many clients listed properties are well received. Aba is an expert with in-depth searches based on the criteria of our buyers.